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    Gifts under 50

    Green Tea Starter Box
    Dhs. 161.00
    Wine glas for tea
    Dhs. 30.00
    Love You So Matcha Box Sold Out
    Dhs. 201.00
    Wine glass for tea Sold Out
    Dhs. 34.00
    Tea For Two Box
    Dhs. 242.00
    E-Gift Card
    From Dhs. 40.22
    T's x Pure Oriental's Oriental Box
    Dhs. 99.00
    T's x Pure Oriental's Vitamine C Box
    Dhs. 83.00
    Silhouet Tea Mug For One Gift Box Sold Out
    Dhs. 141.00
    Ceremonial Matcha Box
    Dhs. 222.00
    GenMatcha Box
    Dhs. 201.00
    Hojicha Box
    Dhs. 201.00