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    What is Earl Grey?

    Earl Grey tea is one of the most popular t's in the West. This black tea with hints of citrus is a perfect introduction to tea. It is great served hot or cold, and pairs well with food. That's why it is one of our favourites. Earl Grey is a often a black tea, so it usually has a bold flavor. Unlike orange pekoe (which is a tea grade named for the Dutch royal House of Orange-Nassau rather than the fruit or the color orange), Earl Grey has a citrusy flavor. Earl Grey's citrusy taste is due to the addition of natural bergamot oil. The bergamot orange is a type of aromatic citrus fruit that is usually grown in the Mediterranean. Bergamot oil is extracted from the skin of the bergamot fruit. Although Earl Grey varies from one producer to another, its taste is often described as bright, refreshing, and bold..

    History of Earl Grey Tea

    Earl Grey tea was most likely named after Charles Grey, the 2nd Earl of Grey, who was prime minister of England in the 1800s. Lord Grey “reputedly received a gift, probably a diplomatic present, of tea that was flavored with bergamot oil. It became so popular that he asked British tea merchants to recreate it. What we now know as Earl Grey, became popular in Britain in the late 1800s due to Twinings—the first company to market the tea. It then spread to the United States during the Industrial Revolution.

    Caffeine in Earl Grey

    The caffeine content of Earl Grey varies from one type to another, but it is generally comparable to other black teas. Regular Earl Grey Tea: 55 to 90 milligrams of caffeine per cup (sometimes incorrectly called caffeinated Earl Grey)


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    Green Earl Grey - Lighter and Brighter Green Tea Earl Grey

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    These are bergamot fruits. They come from actual bergamot blooms which grow on the bergamot tree. There is another bergamot flower, a purple one, which is not what is used in Earl Grey

    Bergamot fruit, very reminiscent of limes. Used in many perfumes and, of course, in Earl Grey tea.

    Bergamot (Citrus bergamia) is a type of citrus fruit native to Italy. Essential oils from the peel and the extract from the juice are used to make medicine.

    Bergamot oil has several active chemicals and is commonly used as aromatherapy.