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    "We use our inspirational spirit to responsibly provide our guests and consumers the finest worldly experiences tea can bring in friendly stores and strive to provide an above-and-beyond customer service"


    Our first key principle is to incorporate quality in everything we are and do. We are passionate about every step we take. The tea we choose is of the finest qualities. This translates into our main focus which is to serve the best tea with consistent qualiTea.



    We service our customers to uplift their spirit. Through a simple warm smile - we create a promise that they will get the best T's experience we can give. Our stores will be a place where all worries are forgotten and inspire to create a moment of enjoyment.


    Everybody is and should be part of a communiTea and thus we to. Therefore we feel  the responsibility to take our role within the communiTea and to respect and be good  to our fellow community members.