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    Wine glasses to trigger a new tea experience

    Our customers often ask us why we serve our tea in wineglasses. First of all. Why not? Secondly, these wine glasses are also known as our luxury tea glasses. And yes, that is hot tea that we serve in them. As T’s (Teabar) our mission in life is to show a different side of tea. And our luxury tea glass plays a big part in accomplishing that mission. 

    If you look around, you can see that coffee is everywhere and it is fair to say that we live in a coffee culture. The average person is not able to start their day properly without a cup of coffee. In the office colleagues ask each other about their weekends by the coffee machine and upon entering a house, any plumber or electrician will be offered a cup of coffee first thing. It has even become embedded in our vernacular where planning to get together or meet up will be phrased as ‘let’s get a coffee’. This dark, bitter and stimulating liquid has conquered the tongues of many people since its introduction in Europe in the 18th century, and today almost every other street corner will have a coffee bar able to serve you a flat white with soy milk.

    This upgrade in coffee skyrocketed 20 years ago when people started drinking more coffee outside of their homes and offices. Starbucks played a big role in offering a different experience in coffee drinking. They introduced people to take away cups and different variants on black coffee. People started ordering white mocca Lattes, frappuccinos and slowly coffee would become more of a lifestyle product than just a beverage. The to-go cup got a major boost in popularity and coolness when social media started showing celebrities taking these cups for a stroll. Now you can find more than 27.340 Starbucks coffee shops over the world.

    But what about tea? Well, tea is the second most consumed drink in the world after water. In many cultures, mainly in Asia and north Africa, tea is the drink that brings people together. Yet somehow in Europe it would not get the hipster status that coffee has today. Tea goes back centuries and has a rich history, but here in the west it has always been living in the shadow of coffee.

    This is likely due to the poor quality tea that has been offered to us at our local supermarkets. People would associate tea with bad quality English Breakfast, bitter Earl Grey or cheap fruity teabags. These boring flavours would dominate the racks at the supermarkets and represent to many people what tea stands for: a warm watery drink that requires sugar to make it somewhat enjoyable and energetic. Tea also suffers from an old fashioned stuffy image. You would drink tea “when visiting your grandmother” or “when you felt ill” and would be seen more as a comfort drink when feeling lazy or week. And although tea is definitely a drink that can help with lots of ailments and carries tons of health benefits, we believe that tea can also be cool and sexy. Tea can be surprising, complex and bring an amazing experience. That is what T’s stands for.

    How do we want to show the world that tea is the best thing ever? By consistently providing Qualitea, Diversitea and BeauTea until the association becomes natural.

    Qualitea in the teas that we serve.

    Someone might be coming into the teabar for a classic Earl Grey. 
    Wouldn’t it be awesome if you could blow their socks away by serving them the best loose leaf earl grey they ever had? That is what we strive to achieve. 
    We wish to promote the realization that tea is more than coloured water; it has depth, colour and a variety of flavour. 
    There is a craftsmanship behind the production and a science in the brewing of tea. This all determines the quality of your drink and we are excited to spread this understanding and thus appreciation of this precious beverage.

    Diversitea by showing the different flavours that our favourite drink has to offer.

    Many of us are unaware of the different ways in which tea is being served and drunk around the world. Offering these alternative tea experiences in our Teabar makes people say: “Is that also tea?” 
    In every corner of the world people drink tea in a different way. They made tea their own and it is ingrained into people’s culture. 
    In Hongkong people love their milk teas; they would add condensed milk to their strong black tea. 
    Take south-east Asia, on every corner of the street you will find chaiwallas brewing delicious masala chais, more than a billion people drink this every day. 
    If you head over to Japan, you will see that nothing comes between the Japanese and their green tea. This can be a Matcha or a high end Gyokuro. 
    In north Africa people drink their mint tea with a ton of sugar, even on hot days. Somebody once said: 
    “if you want to get to know someone’s culture, ask how they drink their tea”.

    Beautea in the way tea looks.

    All our senses play a role when it comes to enjoying what we consume and that is why we pay attention to how we present our tea. 
    We love the beautiful colours and shapes of tea leaves and the different hues of its liquor. This is where our wine glass comes in. 
    We have noticed a new appreciation for tea at the teabar, simply by the way it looks. Where people normally would grab their mug and just sip their tea, we now see customers picking up their (wine)glass of tea, admiring its colour and smelling its content. People also toast with their tea. Something you would not likely see if the tea was served more traditionally. 
    This phenomenon has caused some hilarious moments where our customers would sit by the window drinking a fine white tea at 10 o’clock in the morning. People walking by outside would look inside to see people drink tea out of wine glasses. The look on their face is priceless. ‘Wine? So early in the morning?!’

    So next time you have people over for tea, don’t hold back. Give them a tea experience like they have never had. 

    Whether it’s super fine china, clay pots, a flowering tea or our luxury tea (wine) glasses, we say go all in and show them a Tearrific time.



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