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    Iced T's

    Ginger Lemon - Classic Green Tea Ginger & Lemon Blend
    From Dhs. 23.00
    Rose Meets Jasmin | T's Teabar & Loose Leaf Tea
    From Dhs. 27.00
    Lychee Lady - Green Tea, lychee, cranberries and lemongrass
    From Dhs. 33.00
    Berry White - White Tea Blend with Berries
    From Dhs. 33.00
    T's Tea Maker Sold Out
    Dhs. 123.00
    Jasmine Dragon Pearls - Green Tea with Jasmine Sold Out
    From Dhs. 37.00
    Jasmine - Signature Jasmine Green Tea
    From Dhs. 29.00
    Very Berry Mojito - Green Tea, Elderberry, Raspberry and Mint
    From Dhs. 33.00
    Ginger Lemon Rooibos | T's Teabar & Loose Leaf Tea
    Dhs. 49.00
    Butterfly Blue
    From Dhs. 54.00
    Rose Blossom | T's Teabar & Loose Leaf Tea
    From Dhs. 23.00
    Minty Marrakech - Smoky Gunpowder Green Tea with mint leaves
    From Dhs. 23.00