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    Corporate Gifting

    We know you have great taste. Why else would you be here? And with our Corporate Gifting program, it's easier than ever to share your favourite top-quality teas with your colleagues, business partners & clients.

    Whether you're looking to reward your employees, thank a client or start on your holiday gifting, we have a great selection of iconic gifts for any taste or budget.

    Explore our corporate gifting catalogue 

    Personalise Your Selection of Teas

    T’s offers a wide variety of tea. Together we can find the perfect teas to give your gift box a more personalised touch.  

    We can take it a step further by printing your corporate logo on our beautiful tea tins, provide branded ribbons and a personalised gift tag with your own message. Every gift is exquisitely finished with great attention to detail. 

    Different pricing and longer lead times may apply for some services. 

    Create Your Own Tea Blend or Gift Box For a Truly Unique Gift  

    T’s offers a tailored service for those companies who wish to create an exquisite gift in higher quantities. 

    Tea comes in so many shapes and forms, we can make a private blend that represents your company(name) or a any special message you want to convey. This will be a one-of-a kind blend.

    Our Team can assist you in finding the perfect solution. Together we will create the perfect gift for your business. We will finish it off with personalising the tea tins with you corporate logo, a banded ribbon and a personalised gift card. Different pricing and longer lead times may apply for some services.