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    Japanese Roasted Green Tea

    What is Hojicha?

    Hojicha is a Japanese green tea and it emerged in 1920s Kyoto, when tea merchants began roasting leaves over charcoal. It is distinctive from other Japanese green t's because it is roasted after the leaves are steamed, whereas most Japanese teas are only steamed. The green tea leaf is fired at a high temperature. This causes the colour to tint from green to reddish brown and the flavour to shift from fresh and green to earthy and toasty. This process was first performed in Kyoto, Japan in the 1920's and its popularity persists today.

    What makes hojicha even more interesting? It is low in caffeine, which makes it the perfect drink throughout the day. 

    Loose Leaf Hojicha

    Hojicha is produced from the sun-grown Japanese green tea known as bancha, which is typically harvested from the tea plant later in the season, after the first and second flushes of tea. This gives it a distinct rich flavour and aroma while offering lighter concentrations of the components normally found in green tea.

    Hojicha Powder

    After steaming and drying, the tea leaves are slow-roasted to perfection, and then finely ground to powder. The roasted green tea is slowly stone milled (40g/h) to uniformly ground fine powder that works beautifully well for making the perfect Hojicha latte, Similar to cocoa powder, Hojicha powder is also great in baked treats, smoothies and more!


    What is the difference between Hojicha powder & Matcha

    Matcha has a more vegetal and umami aroma, is higher in caffeine and is made by grinding the dried leaves into very fine powder. Hojicha has more of an earthy, slightly smoky and umami aroma to it with a much lower caffeine content than matcha.


    Brown Sugar Latte

    Don't feel like making your hojicha at home? Visit our teabar for your hojicha kick! Our Hojicha brown sugar latte is developed to satisfy your tea cravings. Our hojicha brown sugar latte is topped with whipped cream but if you really want to treat yourself, add some of the juicy and chewy tapioca bubbles for the full hojicha brown sugar latte experience.